Custom Business Apps  –  Database Solutions  –  FileMaker Hosting

Our Services

With over 30 years experience creating apps and hosting managed data solutions for businesses, we offer a complete range of services for your business or education requirements.

Custom Apps

We design and create Apps for the web or mobile to meet your business needs and keep your staff connected in the office or on the road

FileMaker Hosting

Our fast, highly available servers and flexible licence options mean we can host and backup your existing FileMaker solution from version 12 to 18

Database Design

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by talking to us about a custom database solution that works exactly the way your business does

Professional Apps & Databases

We can assist you to identify the processes within your establishment and build a complete solution around them that enables you to save time and money.

By creating an integrated solution to work specifically the way you do, you can help reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your organisation.


We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Keep you staff productive in the field, at home or on the road and save on hardware costs with a custom mobile app designed for Smartphones or Tablets and connected to your business systems.

Take photos, capture signatures or upload data to head office, all from your phone or tablet. 


We Make Software That Works Everywhere.

Our solutions are tailored to reflect your business style and branding and designed to work seemlessly and intuitively on any computer or mobile device.

We can develop solutions to work in real-time wherever you are or as completely isolated offline applications.


Our Process & Workflow

With over 30 years of software design experience with businesses and education, we appreciate that one size does not always fit all.  At LearningLogic, we work with you to understand how your business works and identify improvements in efficiency and savings in costs that can be made through an intelligently designed product for you and your staff and customers.

Project Research

We work with you to identify your key business workflows and tasks and ways to improve them


Create a logical model of your business processes and systems from start to finish


Plan how your solution will look and work, whether as a custom App, Database or Website


We build your solution based precisely on your requirements with your input along the way

Let’s Work Together

Contact us to discuss your requirements for your project and we’ll take it from there.  Working with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.