FAQ – Look@Me / Take@Look

Download the Look@Me & Take@Look iOS Apps


Install FileMaker Go on your device (required to use our iOS Apps)


Download FileMaker Go on the Appstore here



Download the launchers for Look@Me or Take@Look







Check your Firewall settings

If you are behind a school or corporate firewall, you may need to make some changes to access our services, check out our FireWall Settings page to find out what to do.


Completing Look@Me Year End Phase

For information on completing the Year End phase in Look@Me, please check out the  Year End Instructions page.


Submit a Support Request

For technical enquiries, please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please ensure your email address is correctly entered so we can reply to your query.


Parents & Carers – Please Note!

LearningLogic are unable to directly answer support requests from Parents or Students.  Please direct your enquiry / support request to your child’s school either via their website or telephone.